Relax and disconnect

When losing yourself and disconnecting relaxes you and allows you to your real self again, the seclusion and exclusiveness of these special places in Latin America, give you the reason and the opportunity to do just that with utmost carefree comfort in the luxury of pure tranquility and stillness. All you have to do is…nothing. Luxury for so many nowadays is the opportunity to disconnect from all that occupies them, and to rediscover themselves and what really matters. Latin America is full of secluded remote luxurious places where you sometimes feel that you can truly be on your own or only those you want to be with. You can’t possible get away further than Easter Island – the most isolated inhabited island in the world, where you can marvel at the moais and try to solve their secrets. One of the most luxurious “side trips” from Iguazu Falls is a private plane flight to Rincon del Socorro where you can stay for a few nights close in a nature reserve, far from the crowds, in one of the most remote and beautiful part of Argentina. Explora Patagonia, located in the breathtakingly beautiful Torres del Paine National Park is among the most remote places in the whole world. There is no place like Llao Llao resort, located in the center of the Lake District of Argentina - a true ecological paradise with crystalline blue waters and pure fresh air. Forget the TV as you won’t have one in your room in Refugia in Chiloe Island. This beautiful luxury retreat in another of Chile’s remote islands has huge windows instead all around so you feel like you are always one with nature. You can look into the Pacific Ocean, watch nature in action with hundreds of birds species, all in the luxurious secure comfort of the lodge. Casa Sazagua, located in hills of the coffee plantations in Colombia will let you get away from the stress of a big city. Another perfect way to disconnect is a trip to the white continent – Antarctica, described by many as a life changing experience. These exclusive expeditions are the perfect way of getting lost and disconnecting in the awesome stillness and stark beauty of your surroundings.