No matter what luxuries you may seek to experience in your vacation or when celebrating that special time in your life, you will find the best of them in Latin America. We know that what luxuries matter most to each of us is such a personal thing, and that’s what we offer: the luxury of bespoke travel. Here are some general luxury types just to get your imagination going…
Adventure in nature
There’s nowhere better for those who want to challenge yourselves to an adventure in nature or just simply to explore the rich tapestry of flora and fauna or be amongst nature trekking, safari, climbing, walking through desserts, jungles, natural reserves, glaciers, fjords and mountains. Latin America truly has it all for the adventurous, and they do it so tremendously well if you want to experience it all in luxurious style.
Art, history and culture
In a continent where some of the greatest civilizations and cultures thrived like the Mayans, the Incans and the Mapuche Indians, long before the Spanish came, the cultural tapestries and the historical remnants provides you will so much to see and learn, with yet many intriguing mysteries that remain to be unlocked.
Beach and sun
The combination of sun, sand and water spells fun whether you simply want to lie around and relax or get to the beach or water to enjoy all the activities that it has to offer. Latin America stretches from the north of the equator to way right down to its south so you have the possibility of sun and beach the whole year round; and it’s here where you will find some of the most luxurious beach destinations and resorts in the world, in fact, you will be spoilt for choice.
City lights and shopping
Some of the biggest cities in the world are here in Latin America – Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Lima, and Bogota. For those seeking bright lights, night life and shopping, the buzz and excitement of these Latin cosmopolitan ‘big apples’ and many other resort towns here have them all, and even more with their own colorful festivities, and your choice of upbeat or sultry latin music and dance.
Cruises and journeys
For some, the journey matters as much as the destination. With these amazing places to traverse in Latin America, the journeys don’t just matter; they are in themselves a feature and highlight of your luxury experience. The cruises and rail journeys here in Latin America make it possible for you to explore parts of this vast continent which are hard to access or remote, all in total luxurious comfort and style.
Family fun with the kids
These are places that know your luxury is family time, where both you and your kids are entertained and pampered always, whether you are doing things together or apart. Latin American culture always had a highest regards for family and children and you will find many interesting places here that care you and your kids have the best time away together.
Food and wine
It is no surprise that Latin America, which gave the world, chocolate, chilli peppers, potatoes, vanilla, pineapple and corn and much more, that their cuisines should also shine. You will discover many more unique and diverse flavors that are part of the rich culture of food in places like Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the Caribbean.
Health and wellbeing
You can indulge, rejuvenate and revive your body and soul in the most luxurious and exotic surroundings offering the best spa experiences and treatments here in Latin America. You will feel and look your best with all the first class pampering just with you in mind.
Hip and happening
You are energized by what’s new and now, and best inspired by uber-cool spaces where style, design and fashion rules.
Latin America adds the additional dimension of uniqueness in style and design that comes from its relative isolation as a continent combined with its diverse and deep cultural roots. And where there is cool design, there is the hip and happening.
Relax and disconnect
When losing yourself and disconnecting relaxes you and allows you to your real self again, the seclusion and exclusiveness of these special places in Latin America, give you the reason and the opportunity to do just that with utmost carefree comfort in the luxury of pure tranquility and stillness. All you have to do is…nothing
Romance and honeymoon
When you only have eyes for the one devoted to you, these places do all they can to create that special ambience of romance that puts you in the mood always, so magical this experience that it will stay with you a lifetime. Whether you are on your honeymoon or not, Latin America does romantic escapes like no other - sensual indulgence the latin way.
Sporting life
This sports-loving continent with its rugged and varied terrain is just the place for sports enthusiasts and sportsmen who enjoy doing it in style whether it is heli-skiing, snowboarding, sailing, polo, golf, hunting, fishing, football, tennis, mountain-biking, horse-riding, the Olympics and the myriad of watersports.