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Costa Rica |

Costa Rica

Just north of Panama, Costa Rica is a country with jaguars, resplendent quetzal birds and green tree top frogs as its kings and queens. It is blessed with amazing natural beauty: exuberant rainforests and crystalline raging rivers and majestic volcanoes. It is indeed a rich coast (which is what its name means in spanish). In Costa Rica, you will have the privilege to enjoy an assortment of sceneries and ecosystems within a very short drive: dense rainforests with electric blue Morpho butterflies and the colorful Quetzals (the National bird of Guatemala), tropical dry forests that are century old trees light the vistas with pink, yellow and orange splashes, mystic volcanoes with smoky craters were rare sub-alpine dwarf vegetation breathe, golden coasts were surfers will slide through luscious warm sparkling waves and deep blue waters were scuba divers will discover an enchanted world of colorful corals, green sea turtles, blue whales and crowds of mantas.


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