Family fun with the kids

These are places that know your luxury is family time, where both you and your kids are entertained and pampered always, whether you are doing things together or apart. Latin American culture always had a highest regards for family and children and you will find many interesting places here that care you and your kids have the best time away together. Mexico beach resorts are great for holidaying with kids – other than the beaches and swimming pools, there are numerous swim holes and water parks around the Mexican coasts and places where you and the kids can swim with dolphins. The many soft adventures including sporting and cultural activities in Latin America are suitable for kids of all ages. Argentina, Peru and Chile remote properties have their horse riding, mountain-biking or trekking adventures. There is nothing more exciting for kids than encountering nature in Patagonia or Atacama desert or even Easter Island – all of the destinations offered by excellent explora hotels. There is wildlife almost every place you visit in Latin America such as dolphins, seal colonies, llamas, and guanacos, pumas, condors, and countless other creatures. You can take the kids to discover some ancient cultures like visits to some Mayan or Incan sites or some natural wonders this region has to offer. Iguassu Falls, for example, will leave wonderful memories with kids of all ages and with their parents. In Mexico’s Riviera Maya, just south of Cancun, you can visit Río Secreto, an underground river that traverses a hidden world of shimmering limestone curtains, stalactites, and stalagmites or swim a Yucatán cenote. Machu Picchu and Rio de Janeiro are listed among the world’s ten top family destinations by National Geographic for the last few years. No matter what age they are your family will always remember Latin America as a trip of a lifetime. Latin America provides you with countless possibilities of things to see, do and just simply be in that will mean quality time with your kids and fun for all.