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Amazon - Brazil | Iguazu Falls - Brazil | Pantanal | Rio de Janeiro | Sao Paulo & surrounds | Southern Brazil |


‘Exuberance’ is the word that best describes what Brazil offers you. Blessed with 7000 km of beaches, Brazil is rich in experiences and landscapes – no matter where you go and what you will see, it will always be different and astonishing. The country is home to a unique and rich blend of culture and people that Brazil is known for worldwide. A mixture between indigenous Brazilians, Africans and Portuguese has formed a culture of happy people that are open to everything new and enjoy their traditions always in festive spirits.  It is also blessed with one of the most stunning harbors in the world in Rio de Janeiro.  It is a joyous and spectacular experience during the Carnival Season in February, especially in Rio.

With Brazil, you can be ensured that every experience here is filled with expressions of uplifting emotions that can be seen not only during the carnival and the soccer events that are part of everyday culture, but also during every day events when exploring the famous cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, admiring the distinctive architecture of Oscar Niemeyer in the capital, Brasilia, or cruising along the Amazon, horse-riding in the Pantanal or getting wet in the Iguazu Falls

Wander around Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and you will encounter several cafés and restaurants with local samba music playing in the background. Dip in and enjoy the local cuisine or just drink a coffee and watch locals when they discuss politics or football with a passion that is even understandable without speaking Portuguese.  There will be a wide range of cultural options such as museums at your disposal. In addition you will have the chance to visit several world famous landmarks such as the “Christ the Redeemer” in Rio de Janeiro that will allow you not only to understand that religion is a very important part of Brazilian culture but also gives you some stunning postcard views of this most beautiful of harbors.

Several National Parks preserve the ecosystems of the region. With the Amazon you will be able to see a Flora and Fauna that is unique as well as the 250,000 km² of Pantanal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that boast and impressive natural reserve as well as aquatic plants and animal species nowhere else to be found.  At Iguazu National Park which is at Brazil’s border with Argentina, you will be amazed at the grandeur of the falls and the richness of the surrounding flora and fauna.  In addition to all that, you will have an abundance of beaches from the most remote and secluded ones, to the most famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio.

It can be a challenge to try to see all the diversity of a country the size of Brazil and choosing from the thousands of beaches, natural wonders and then endless museums, cafes, galleries, bars and restaurants you can visit.  Be assured, however, that whatever choice you make, it will fill your time here with the most diverse and wonderful experiences you will find nowhere else.

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