Botanique Hotel & Spa|Campos do Jardao, Sao Paulo, Brazil- Link Share this:
Five Stars
Classification: Super Luxury Boutique Resort

Nestled in a confluence of three rich river valleys, amid picturesque hillsides and stunning ridges in the heart of the Mantiqueira Mountains, the 'post-luxury' Botanique Hotel & Spa is enveloped and surrounded by lush, mid-tropical Atlantic forests in the heart of the Bairro dos Mellos, just 12 kms from Campos do Jordão. This new super all-inclusive luxury retreat is ideal for those who seeking to disconnect and find serenity surrounded by nature and immersed in pure luxury that is exclusive and understated, personal and intimate. The Hotel combines a unique environment of authentic and exclusive Brazilian Design, Culture and cuisine ? a place that seamlessly merges the luxuries of today and creates a modern retreat in the countryside. The retreat is located across 280 hectares of forest and gardens. Its eco-minded founders include AOL co-founder David Cole, the Body Shop?s Gordon Roddick and Brazil's leading thinker and entrepreneur, Ricardo Semler. , There are only 6 suites and 11 stand-alone villas with private gardens dotted about the estate. You are provided with a highly personalised five-star service, so much so that, instead of a front desk, you have your own curator with an entire team at your disposal to cater for your individualised daily needs and activities. Activities included here can include falconry, horseback riding, mountain biking, and tennis. The cuisine here is a modern take on Brazilian fare but the personalised offering means you itslargely a matter for you to decide. There is a sleek spa, which has a sauna with double-height, mountain-view windows. Here you will hear nothing much else other than nature calling, and just silence. A truly unique style of architecture incorporating immense natural stone, towering walls of glass, chocolate slate from a singular mine, reached only once every 17 months and exposed steel, all framed by enormous 120-year old, reclaimed wooden beams with the entire structure firmly planted within an expansive kitchen garden. Striking, modern and contemporary design is greatly enhanced by the exceptional location. With more than 7,000 m2 of common area for just seventeen rooms, the intimate and inviting resort gently harmonizes with the natural beauty of the forested surroundings where guests enjoy genuine silence.


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