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Colombia is, not surprisingly, developing quickly into a destination over the last few years for international tourism, particularly for those interested in the cultural and historical diversity and abundant natural beauty that this fourth largest South American country has to offer.  It has been an unsafe place in the 80s, 90s and the early 2000s, but the violence has decreased significantly, particularly over the last couple of years transforming Colombia now into one of the safest destinations of Latin America, particularly in its main tourist attractions on the Caribbean coast including the resort town of Cartagena de Indias, the Coffee region in the Colombian Andes, and in its capital Bogota.  The new slogan for its official tourism campaign “Colombia – The only risk is wanting to stay” portrays this change perfectly.

Located in the northwest of South America, Colombia in the only country on the on the southern continent where you can enjoy both, the coast of the Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea. This unique geography is even part of the national flag with the blue color on it representing the coasts. It has a tropical climate and enjoys a year around summer-like temperature, with fresher and more humid temperatures as you wander into the Coffee Region situated higher up in the Andes.

Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus after he passed away but he did not discover or claimed it for the Spanish empire then.  The first Spanish explorers arrived in 1499 on their quest for gold from the legend of El Dorado. This is a legend that possibly originated from the ceremonial practices of the indigenous Muisca people, who along with the Quimbaya and Tairona people, had inhabited Colombia long before the Spanish colonisation. You can see much evidence of these relatively sophisticated pre-Colombian cultures in various museums in the country.

The interaction and integration between its native inhabitants, Spanish colonists, Africans originally brought as slaves and subsequent migrants have resulted in unique blends of cultural heritage that makes different parts of Colombia unique. You can find different characteristics in each of the regions of Colombia where one is well distinguished from the other. You will encounter more African roots in the Pacific region whereas the Caribbean culture is a mixture of indigenous natives and African background. In the Andean region, you will clearly experience the influence of its European ancestry. And last but not least, the region of the Amazon is clearly influenced by an Indian background.

The diversity and richness does not stop with the cultural backgrounds. Colombia, has an abundance of flora and fauna not only in the Amazon with its National Park, but in the more temperate Andes including the Coffee Region, where you will be able to get to see firsthand how one of the best and most famous coffees in produced. In fact, Colombia is the second most bio-diverse nation in the world, after Brazil.

Colombian people are commonly considered the most beautiful and welcoming ones in Latin America. Everywhere you go, you will encounter people dancing on the streets during the festivals and celebrations of their rich traditions. Especially towards foreign travelers, you will experience a culture of happiness, generosity and enthusiasm which will strongly persuade you to take the risk of staying. 

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