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What is luxury for us

Double Bay Americas stands for bespoke travel itineraries of hand-picked products and services that provide unique authentic sensory experiences in exclusive and, at times, remote places in Latin America, and that are specifically designed for the high-end VIP traveller.

Our clients are those of you who are in search of the new luxury: exclusive and authentic experiences often in remote or far-off places. Much more than just the highest quality comfort and best-of-class service, the luxury is in the highly tailored experience of the unique surroundings that is deep and authentic. It is for those who can afford, and are willing, to go in search of these intangible luxuries.

You will find many exclusive destinations and remote places in Latin America that cater for the luxury experiences, covering Mexico to the north, Central and South America including Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, right down to the furthest south possible, the Antarctica. In this region, you will encounter diverse and amazing historical, cultural and natural experiences that are often unique and endemic to each place. Over the years, the region has developed to cater for the luxury segment, even in the most remote corners. Their unique surroundings, exclusivity, and full-on upmarket offerings that often have preservation of their natural surroundings in mind, take them beyond mere luxury even for the most discerning and experienced VIP client.

Our discerning selection of the best places to stay, and things to do, whether in the most iconic destinations in Latin America, or in its remotest and less travelled corners, and our tailored itineraries and personalised service, provide you the luxury of assurance that you will find have the best on offer, and of peace of mind that you will be looked after during your time with us.

Our unique proposition

With offices in Russia, Australia as well as in Latin America, we are able to have intimate understanding of our clients and their preferences and needs, as well as the destinations, hotels and services offered to you. We are on the ground to ensure you have the best carefree time whilst enjoying the luxury experience of your choice with us.

Our careful selection also extends to our preferred partnership arrangements with the best service providers in each destination so you can be assured you are in the personal care of specialists who know about their destination deeply understand your needs, and can provide the best luxury services to ensure you are well looked after.

Our experience informs us that these are necessary elements for delivering truly customized services to meet the discerning and individual needs of luxury travellers, so you can maximise your precious time spent away and the enjoyment of your Latin American experience. They enable us to deliver to you a seamless end-to-end service: from the selection, customisation and constant review of our offers to our super-responsive customer care. They also enable us to continue to ensure you have the best value for the service that is offered, which often include additional complimentary perks and unique touches from us and our partners.

Double Bay Americas international offices:


Burgos 268 Of.132, Las Condes Santiago Phone: +56-2-2906 0577 / +56-9-6965 5927


34 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills NSW Phone: +61-29-310 2200


Moscow +7-964-7296778 / +7-964-7296813

About us and our clients

Double Bay Americas was specially formed to satisfy the increasing demand for true high-end customized travel to Latin America. We have offices in Santiago, Chile; Moscow, Russia; and Sydney, Australia. We have been operating as a luxury travel business since 1996.

Our clients have traditionally come from Russia, and its neighboring regions but we are set up to cater for the luxury traveler, regardless of country of origin. They include high profile business executives, senior government officials, celebrities, sporting identities, and travel wholesalers and retailers. We deal almost exclusively with the top end of the market and specialize in promoting unique luxury accommodation and upmarket personalized travel experiences. We provide exclusive programs, which are designed to meet your specific preferences and needs.

What you can expect from us

  • Our careful selection and constant review of the best places to visit and stay, and experiences to have, including at the most iconic destinations in Latin America, along with unique and little known super-luxury hideaways.

  • Wealth of our personal experience with insider tips, knowledge and recommendation generously shared with our clients.

  • Bespoke and exclusive experiences that we have developed specifically for our luxury clientele available only from us.

  • Peace of mind when travelling, with the service of Russian, English and Spanish speaking staff in Latin America, including 24-hour emergency support, addressing any language and time-zone concerns.

  • The highest level of personalized service delivered by our Latin American office together with a team of some of the best destination experts whom we have carefully selected.

  • Wealth of experience and connections in Russia, Australia and in Latin America making it possible to arrange the most complex and challenging program for the most discerning and upmarket VIP clients.

  • Competitive rates with a match guarantee of publicly available rates for the equivalent travel product, plus, in many cases, a free perk, special treatment or gift from us (at many hotels and experiences with us).

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