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Uruguay |


Uruguay is best known for the city of Punta del Este which is referred to as the St. Tropez of South America, but this small country next to Argentina has so much more to offer. Let yourself be charmed by the natural sceneries from its beaches to the most secluded areas, the culture and enjoy the local cuisine which especially for Meat lovers will be a heaven. Located in the in the Southeast of South America, Uruguay is the second smallest country of the continent yet, it is home to almost 700km of beaches. The coastal areas are considered to be the most fertile in the region and inlands, you will encounter rolling plains combined with low hill ranges (the highest peak is located at only 514 meters). Although only home to a 3.3 million people, there is diversity in cultures and traditions which is mainly linked to the fact that almost 90% of Uruguayans are of European descent. The Spanish first arrived in 1516 but Uruguay has since witnessed fierce fights between Portuguese, Spanish and the British empires until it reached independence 1830. The pride of every Uruguayan and a feast for the senses is the so called "œAsado"€ which can be described as a barbecued beef. The local cuisine is all about beef and especially the way it is being prepared will set you back to the time of borne fire and Gauchos.

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