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Mountain Lodges of Peru

Specialists in the mountains, Mountain Lodges of Peru offer adventure at its finest: the opportunity to experience the essence of a life-changing adventure within the luxury of revitalizing comforts. Since its founding in 2006, Mountain Lodges of Peru have been providing unique trekking and equestrian journeys on the Salkantay Inca trail that start and end each day in the care of native staff and the luxurious comfort of its mountain lodge retreats along the trail. You travel from the base of towering Mount Salkantay (6,271m) along an ancient and alternative Inca pathway called the Salkantay Route to Machu Picchu, the crown jewel of the Inca Empire. Salkantay Mountain is the second most important mountain god (also known as ‘Apu’ in Quechua, the original language of the Incas) in Inca mythology. Mountain Lodges of Peru’s unique, once-in-a-lifetime adventures bring to you the luxury to experience the essence of remote Peru like never before, traversing across magnificent rugged high mountain passes and next to raging rivers, marveling at the nearby mystical snow-capped peaks, seeing nature in its purest form and exploring more than 15 different ecosystems from beginning to end, and each night, returning to the world class accommodations and luxury of one of its mountain lodge resorts. You have the option of trekking on foot along the ancient trail or on the backs of their first-rated steeds.
Mountain Lodges of Peru also plays an active role in developing the surrounding communities of these mountains. They are focused on elevating education levels in the communities and their economic development through involvement in the region’s tourism. You will have the unique opportunity to interact and have a deeper understanding of the authentic culture and lives of the Andean people around the Salkantay trail.

Our Partnership with Mountain Lodges of Peru

Our partnership with Mountain Lodges of Peru is based on our passion to share with our clients these ancient magical journeys to Machu Picchu experienced through the unique luxurious adventures available only through Mountain Lodges of Peru. Our desire together is to give you an authentic experience exploring the history and culture of the Incans in the most luxurious way possible – with the care and involvement of the native community and the comfort of their mountain lodges. Their luxury travel adventures will immerse and connect you to the ancient ways and land of the Incas. You will find inspiration in the living ancient and deep-founded culture of the people, and in the majesty and beauty of the Andes mountains, so close to the heavens.