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Bolivia is unique and intriguing: one of very few places on earth where ethnography and ecology are preserved in their original or very close to original. It is culturally diverse, geographically exceptional and striking in so many ways. It is a luxury destination for those seeking the luxury of discovering for themselves, a unique authentic cultural experience in a remote part of Latin America, largely untouched by tourism. Bolivia's unique blend of cultures and climates are due in part to its long- standing isolation from the rest of the world and therefore Bolivia's indigenous religions, languages, clothing, dances, music and medicine remain all intact, untouched by the passing of time and are an integral part of daily life. As a land of staggering contrasts, Bolivia is home to an astonishing range of landscapes and sights; from snow-covered peaks of the Andes Mountain Range to windswept deserts, spectacular salt flats, lush valleys, tropical and subtropical rainforests and ancient historical treasures.

Lake Titicaca - the sacred Lake of Incas is a must for any touristic itinerary of Bolivia. This gigantic inland sea of sapphire-blue water covers 8,000 square kilometers and is the highest navigable lake in the world. The lake is shared between Bolivia and Peru. The towering peaks of the Royal Range of the Andes Mountains surround the Lake to the east, and all around, there are various traditional villages where ancient myths and beliefs are intact and Spanish is a second language. The Island of the Sun was the birthplace of the Inca Empire and the Incas believed that the sun itself was born there. Take a cruise on this unique body of water to its many islands and shores inhabited by those who still practice the ancient ways of their ancestors.
The city of La Paz is a city of contrasts, both topographically and culturally. Topographically, La Paz has an impressive setting and the view is staggering. It lies at the bottom of a huge canyon at 6.439 meters above the sea level with triple-peaked snow-covered Illimani Mountain providing a dramatic backdrop for the highest t capital of the world.
The Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flats) is the largest and highest salt lake in the world – 12,000 square kilometers and elevated over 3,600m above sea level. It is twice as big as the Great Salt Lake in the United States. It resembles an impressive, overwhelming and solitary ocean; bright blue skies contrast with the blinding-white salt crust and in the rainy season the lake is covered with a thin layer of water that adds a surreal experience. It is one of the most spectacular geological resources of the world, dazzling white, with geysers and colorful lakes in hues of blues, yellows and reds - with an indescribable beauty that can only be fully conceived by seeing it with your own eyes.

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