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Explora is the pioneer of luxury lodge-based explorations of remote areas of the southern continent of the Americas. Started by a group of friends enthusiastic about unconventional travel and adventure, the idea behind explora was to offer journeys in remote areas of South America that were different because of the experience they provided and their intense interaction with nature and local culture. Since 1993, explora has been proposing this new way of traveling based on an in-depth exploration of the natural and cultural surroundings of these unique less-traversed places, within the reach of the essential comfort and luxury of its remote lodges in the driest desert, the southernmost part of the continent or in the remotest inhabited island. Explora also offers for more adventurous travelers, Travesías or nomadic journeys, which take several days as you go to diverse areas crossing the borders of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. The great cultural and natural wealth that characterizes explora destinations, whether it is in Atacama, Torres del Paine or Easter Island, gives you the option of exploring them in a variety of different ways. You can discover them from the saddle of a horse a mountain climb, a gentle stroll, a photographic expedition or a bike ride – each give you a deeper knowledge of the people and places you visit. Luxury is not about appearances or just about creature comforts and pampering at explora. It is about your personal journey that their explorations provide you. You are challenged to seek the luxury of unique experiences, sometimes demanding physical activity, under the expert support and guidance of explora guides, Your reward for your efforts are the authentic, and often, very personal experiences, as well as the first class service and comfortable surroundings of their luxury lodges you come back to.
Our Partnership with Explora

In line with our desire to bring the new luxury of Latin America to our clients, Double Bay Americas is privileged to be in partnership with one of its pioneers, explora. Their diverse luxury lodges in unique locations, and full-on upmarket offerings that have in mind preservation of their natural surroundings, take them beyond mere luxury even for the most discerning and experienced VIP client. Both specialists in our respective fields, explora and Double Bay Americas, are together able to give our clients access to some of the best luxury explorations in the remote regions of the southernmost tip of the world, all with the luxury of the essential, the simple details that will enrich and make them truly unforgettable travel experiences for you.