Health and wellbeing

You can indulge, rejuvenate and revive your body and soul in the most luxurious and exotic surroundings offering the best spa experiences and treatments here in Latin America. You will feel and look your best with all the first class pampering just with you in mind. Traditions of spa and wellbeing in Latin America stems from ancient cutures of the Incas and Mayas, which today are combined with modern scientific knowledge and approaches. Only here you will find treatments based on naturals herbs and plants of Amazonia and the Andes and on indigenous traditions of wellbeing and inner balance. Many of the hotels and lodges presented in our collection have outstanding spas and health centers with many unique features. The Heavenly Spa at the Westin Lima in Lima, Peru, is the largest spa (nearly 2000 sqm) in South America so you can expect a full suite of services. The spa at Inkaterra Pueblo Hotel in Machu Picchu has a beautiful setting in the tropical garden. Arguably the unusual “spa view” in the world can be found in Cusco at Palacio Nazarenas where you can admire remains of Incan ruins having a massage. The spa in Casa Pestagua in Cartagena, Colombia offers coffee and chocolate based treatments. Mexico is regarded to have some of the best spas in the world and its Maya Temazcal ritual is a truly magical experience. An example is Kinan Spa at Orient Express Maroma Hotel in Riveira Maya. Not too far from there is the exquisite Zöetry Paraiso de la Bonita Resort which has the first spa in North America and only the second in Latin America to offer Thalassotherapy - a system using fresh heated seawater that induces an exchange of mineral with the seawater and the removal of toxins in your body.