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One of the most popular and best known destinations in Latin America is Mexico, which lies on the northernmost Latin part of the continent of the Americas.  It is the ideal location for a mixture of luxury experiences ranging from a relaxed time in one of the many luxury resorts on one of its many endless beaches with clear blue skies and seas, to time travel back to explore the cultures of the Mayan and Aztec empires with its abundance of well-persevered archaeological sites that can be found all over Mexico. And no matter where you are in Mexico, you are sure to enjoy its many varied cuisines, each equally superb.

With all that Mexico has to offer in its natural beauty and history, its cities and beaches, its culinary traditions and the warm and friendly culture of its people, it is no wonder that many of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts are here.  You will be spoilt for choice in Mexico City and its beach resort areas as to where to stay and be totally pampered as you please, whether you are looking to do absolutely nothing or to have an active fun-filled time away.

The historical influence and archaeological sites of Mexico can be backdated to 1200 BC in what is today known as Tabasco. One of the most famous ancient civilizations, the Mayans, bloomed during 900-300 BC in the eastern states of Mexico, mostly around the Yucatan peninsula.  Several mythical temples and the Mayan architecture which you can visit during your time in Cancun and Riviera Maya will help you understand how astonishingly sophisticated and far advanced this civilization was at that time.

It took about 2000 years later before the Aztecs became the dominant culture in the central region of Mexico, although here were already ancient civilizations in that region long before then. The ancient city of Teotihuacan, about 50 km from Mexico City, was already in its height of its power from 150 BC to 750 AD.  It was one of the biggest cities of the world at the time as can be seen from the massive pyramids and wide avenues that remain on the archaeological site.

Apart from the abundance of historical sites and ancient civilizations, Mexico has some of the world’s most stunning beaches and the perfect climate for a beach and sun holiday simply relaxing or enjoying the sports and adventure activities on offer. The country is blessed with coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean with a total of around 450 beaches in astonishing settings of palm trees and beautiful sunsets.

The beaches boasting some of the most secluded destinations in the Caribbean which are ideal for you honeymoon, to some of the finest luxury multinational hotels around Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos that are a perfect place to enjoy with your friends or family. The marine life of the coastlines are second to none in Latin America, and swimming with dolphins or whale watching will be an unforgettable moment for you and your kids.

Mexico has some of the best restaurants, fashionable shopping streets and hip hotels in the world in its major cities, especially in Mexico City.  It is filled with art galleries and museums to visit, parks and markets to explore, and happening clubs and bars for a vibrant nightlife, as can be expected from one of the largest modern metropolis in the world.

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