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RINCON DEL SOCORRO - LUXURY AIR AND SAVANNAH SAFARI FROM IGUAZU The Rincón del Socorro Reserve is a former cattle ranch, nowadays transformed in a sanctuary for the astonishing nature within the world's second largest wetlands, the Esteros del Ibera Natural Reserve. With only 9 uniquely appointed rooms in the Estancia, this is an exclusive opportunity, reserved only for a few at a time, to explore the unique ecosystems here from within this remote corner of Argentina. Experiences included with your stay that you can have whilst at the reserve include horseback riding, boat trips, bike rides, night safaris, nature walks, and safari expeditions. Accessible by air or by road, the most exciting way to experience this unique place would be to include it as part of your visit to Iguazu Falls, from where you can fly by private airplane circling with an aerial safari of Iguazu Falls as well as the Ibera Wetlands. Rincon del Socorro's 3 day 2 night program gives you an exclusive and complete Savannah Experience with luxury private air transfesr and a scenic flight over the spectacular Iguazu Falls. Rincon del Socorro is a nature sanctuary in the Ibera Wetlands that provides an exclusive super-comfortable base for you to have an up-close experience with the local fauna and flora in one of the richest ecosystems in Argentina, in perfect harmony with nature. The Reserve has 9 rooms, six of which are in the main original Spanish-style house, which has been totally restored. The rest are in 3 small bungalows. All of them are beautifully and uniquely designed and decorated and with private ensuites. There is a professional kitchen which provides a high standard of organic cuisine. Organic fruits and vegetables from the lodge garden are a major part of the meals and meat comes from animals raised in open air. During your stay at Rincón del Socorro, many activities are available in order to discover the different ecosystems of the marshlands, the high grass and the forests, and their different species of flora and fauna. Professional guides will organize the different activities for you that you will be enjoying during your stay. Professional guides will organize your activities having regard to your personal preferences and can include horse rides in the marshlands, nature walks, bike rides, bird watching, boat rides and night safaris. Horseback riding is the quickest, easiest and most pleasant way to get to know this ecosystem. The horses are well behaved and friendly and the guides keep a watchful eye out for you so you should try it even if you are not a seasoned rider. This is a good opportunity to learn some guarani as the guides still speak among themselves in this ancient and harmonic language. Guided or self-guided nature walks around the estancia are easy and you don't have to go far to see a variety of wildlife. Day hikes on easy to follow dirt roads and trails will take you by many different creatures and, if ones gets lucky, maybe see the illusive Manned Wolf! Go in the early evenings and you'll be surrounded by resident birds coming in to sleep for the night. Go on a night safari and see hundreds of masked vizcachas come alive once the sun goes down. Boat trips should be done in the early morning or early evening when the birdlife and wildlife is most active. Nestled among native trees at the edge of the lagoon, the bungalow barbeque area serves as the dock for all of the boat trips and the perfect spot to have a full asado (BBQ) lunch or light picnic before or after a boat trip. There are also all terrain bicycles available to cycle and explore the savannahs and fields.

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