Singular Santiago Lastarria Hotel |Barrio Lastarria, Santiago, Chile- Link Share this:
Five Stars
Classification: Modern luxury hotel

Built to blend seamlessly into the neighbourhood of Lastarria, The Singular Santiago combines the style of early 20th century buildings with neoclassical French architectural influences. The result is a striking new addition to the Santiago cityscape. The hotel design embraces the artistic heritage of the neighbourhood, while adding a cutting-edge modernity: it is an innovative homage to the city history and culture. The interior of the hotel recalls the days of yore: a tribute to the palaces of past centuries that sets the tone for the entire environment. Each doorway is a portal not just into another room, but to another place: a Singular setting with an ambiance all its own. Everywhere you go in this Santiago hotel, you will experience yet another pleasant surprise - the endlessly indulgent spa, the superlative dining experience at the Singular Restaurant, the dazzling views and refreshing cocktails in the ninth floor of the Singular roof-top bar. Step out onto the elevated terrace, and you are treated to a spectacular view of the Parque Forestal, an arboreal escape right alongside the hotel whilst enjoying the roof-top swimming pool.


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