Patios de Cafayate Wine Hotel|Cafayate, Salta, Argentina- Link Share this:
Five Stars
Classification: Boutique Hotel

Patios de Cafayate Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the city of Cafayate in the province of Salta in the heart of the Calchaquí Valley, known for being a key destination due to its tourist attractions and its countless attractive landscapes. Calchaquí Valley is located 1,700 meters above the sea level and has a wide temperature range and because of its climate it represents an idyllic setting for the creation of great wines. The winery of the hotel El Esteco represents the trend of the new world with young, fresh and fruity wines, internationally renowned by the press and in major world competitions. The wine portfolio is made up of the following lines: Elementos, Don David, Ciclos, Fincas Notables, Esteco and Altimus, and El Esteco Champagne. The iron gates of the hotel open up to the estate gardens and lead to the traditional country house. The interior brings together all the spirit of Cafayate: its dignified colonial architecture harmonizes with the extraordinary hand-crafted looms; the rustic furniture stands side by side with Saltas refined silverware. And all of this is framed by the peace and quiet of the patios, the warmth of the locals and the simplicity and elegance of good taste. Stylish furniture, loom-woven woollen rugs and floors of wood-fired ceramic tiles; all in an atmosphere of complete comfort.


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