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Five Stars
Classification: Remote Adventure Boutique Lodge

Estancia Cristina, founded in 1914 by authentic English settlers, is today one of the unique lodges in the world, in the middle of Glacier National Park and with exclusive access to the most imposing view of the Upsala glacier. This remote place is only accessible by waterway from Calafate. It is an enchanted place of great warmth, which offers Patagonian hospitality. The Lodge has 20 comfortable rooms distributed in 5 stylish cottages, exquisite Patagonian cuisine, a museum and a variety of programs to enjoy this wonderful region. Its rooms, decorated with simple elements integrate the austere history of The Estancia and the stunning simplicity of the landscape. A perfect combination of nature, history and pleasure along the Upsala Glacier. You can of course visit Estancia Cristina for the day or stay in one of the lodges to truly experience one of the most remote lodges in the world. It is therefore recomended that you stay the day before and after at Calafate itself for you to be able to get to the lodge via waterway.

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