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Five Stars
Classification: Traditional Boutique Hotel

Rincón del Socorro is a 12,000-hectare (29,700 acres) former cattle ranch on the edge of the Iberá wetlands in Northeastern Argentina that has been made into a nature reserve. Our orientation is to give guests and visitors a good understanding of the local ecosystem and an appreciation for the importance of wetlands and savanna landscapes. The future Ibera Park is CLT´s vision to create an area which conserves the perpetuity of natural ecosystems of Ibera and also is able to serve as a great area of ecotourism development. Nowadays from the 1,300,000 hectares which composes the water basin and Ibera Natural Reserve, 40% is composed by public lands declared as ?Provincial Park? or strict conservation area, mostly flooded all year round. The main house on the estancia, "El Casco", built in 1896 by the original founder of the ranch, has been transformed into what is today the hosteria. Built in the classic Spanish estancia style, the house has been completely renovated, respecting the original architectural lines of the house and guests can still see some of the interesting original designs of this well-known house. Our guest rooms are a reflection of our personal philosophy of diversity in all things! Each room has been designed and decorated uniquely according to its shape and location. There are no two rooms alike. Guests are treated to such things as ancient maps, old stuffed alligators, or rare wildlife prints. Socorro is ideal horseback riding country and guests are encouraged to give it a try even if they're not seasoned riders. From the saddle you can see lots of wildlife; riding is the quickest, easiest and most pleasant way to get to know this ecosystem. The horses are well behaved and friendly and the guides keep a watchful eye out for all of our guests. This is a good opportunity to learn a few words in guarani as our guides are still speaking among themselves in this ancient and harmonic language.


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