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The White Continent is twice the size of Australia.  It is the earth's most southern continent and home to the geographic South Pole.  Whilst the Antarctica may be one of the harshest, most remote and secluded places on earth for us, it has an amazing variety and abundance of wildlife that thrive in the rich nutrients of the Antarctic Ocean,  coupled with stunning unforgettable landscapes.  A visit to Antarctica is an adventure of a lifetime that provides for a luxurious feast for the senses that few have previously ventured.  The possibilities of a luxurious adventure are greater now than ever for the explorer at heart, with the availability of some exclusive luxury cruises to this remotest of regions. Antarctica got its name from the Greek word “antarktikos” which literally means “Opposite of the Arctic”. According to the early myths, the area what is known today as Antarctica was referred to as the Terra Australis, meaning Southern Land. The first recorded sighting of the continent made by members of a Russian exploration expedition dates back to 1820, but due to the harsh and hostile environment of the region, it remained mostly undiscovered for the rest of the 19th century. Over the last 60 years, Antarctica has become one of the most important places on earth for scientific research of all kinds. The continent gets very busy, relatively speaking, in summer when the number of scientists working here quadruples to over 4000 compared to winter. Although the Antarctica is a continent with extreme hostile weather conditions, it is actually the driest continent on the earth, receiving rain or snow only once or twice a year. What makes it hostile, especially in winter, is the cold with temperatures that can reach levels of -89° C as well as the gusting winds.  It has 90 percent of the entire world's ice and 70 percent of its fresh water. However, in the middle of the Antarctic summer (September to March), the sun almost never sets, and temperatures can be as pleasant as 15°C (average of 1°C  to 2°C) in the Antarctic Peninsula region which is where most tourism occurs because of its accessibility, only 1000km from the southern tip of Chile.  This region of the Antarctica is teaming with wildlife especially in the summer months, from Emperor penguins to elephant, fur and leopard seals; and the magnificent whales, such as the humpback and orcas, and the largest of them all, blue whales; and many more.  The unique landscapes in this mountainous region are incredibly beautiful with many photographic expeditions making the journey just to capture them on their cameras.  Seeing them all up close and personal in their natural habitat that is uniquely stunning makes Antarctica a destination unlike to any other destination on our earth. Although every year more visitors are attracted to this unique destination, tourism to the continent is still relatively new, which makes a visit here an exclusive experience and one that few have experienced.  Every year Antarctica receives 30,000-40,000 tourists – the same amount that Machu Picchu receives in about 2-3 weeks.  With some exclusive luxury cruises that now operate here every summer, your explorations here can be a real luxury adventure, both in terms of the exclusivity and richness of the experience as well as the level of creature comforts and service that you can expect in your time here.