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Amazon - Brazil

Voted recently as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, and commonly known as the “lungs of the World”, the Amazon jungle or Amazonia is the largest and most diverse rainforest in the world. It is over 5,5 million sqm and stretches across 9 countries but about 60% of it is in Brazil. Some parts of it are so remote and hard to get to that there remains some tribes that live in it still with no or very little contact with the world outside. The largest river in the world, the Amazon River, flows through it. And it is home to one-third of all species of the world, a natural treasure and the planeta´s greatest reserve of life forms. The Amazon River and its 9 main tributaries flow through the Amazon into the Amazon Basin in the northeast of Brazil. The best way of exploring this vast region of this jungle is by a luxury cruise along the Amazon River or one of its tributaries.which allows you to witness an abundance of wildlife and be right in the jungle itself whilst in complete luxury and comfort. You will see a huge variety of plants and flowers as well as sounds that come mainly from birds that you most likely have never heard before. You will be able to enjoy the natural wonder from the comfort of the cruise luxury, yet you will feel that you are in the middle of the Rainforest exploring the region like once being done by the first explores. The city of Parintins is a special attraction once a year when you can witness the traditional boi bumb folk festival in June which attracts lots of people and give you a great understanding of the local culture as well as the unique cuisine. The sheer beauty of those sounds in combination with being absolutely secluded, knowing that you are currently travelling within the greatest natural habitat, makes a visit to the Amazon an unforgettable experience.